14U and 15U Tryouts Now Closed. 16U Registration open until Friday, 11-29-2019

Fundraising Policy


  1. All fundraising activities must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the activity taking place.
  2. When raising funds, members are representing the Phoenix Volleyball Club and MUST project a positive image of the Phoenix Volleyball Club. 
  3. All fundraising activities must be discussed and approved by the majority at a team parent meeting. Parents must decide at the parent meeting if fundraising and/or sponsorship proceeds will be pooled as a team or tracked per player or a combination of the above. Any decision to change the agreed upon distribution of fundraising and/or sponsorship proceeds must be put to a vote of the parent group and approved by a majority of the parents.
  4. All Phoenix Volleyball Club members are encouraged to participate in the Phoenix Volleyball Club fundraising events
  5. All fundraising and/or sponsorship activities must be offered to the parent group as a whole in an open and transparent manner with full details of timing, proceeds and time commitment required. No individual or group may misuse a fundraising and/or sponsorship opportunity for their own benefit. Misuse of a fundraising and/or sponsorship opportunity will constitute a serious violation of the Code of Conduct and could result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Phoenix Volleyball Club.
  6. All monetary transactions relating to fundraising and/or sponsorship are to be documented in accordance with basic accounting principles and are subject to review by team parents and/or the Board of Directors.
  7. Fundraising activities may be subject to insurance approvals, which will be stipulated by the Board of Director in conjunction with approval.
  8. Teams are not allowed to carry funds over to the next season. Any unused funds become the property of Phoenix Volleyball Club. The Board of Directors have the right to disperse any unused funds raised through fundraising or sponsorship
  9. Teams wishing to raise funds for anything not listed below must receive permission from the Board of Directors 

Permitted Expenditures: These costs are not included in the Phoenix Volleyball Club Fees

  • Non-Volleyball BC Tournaments (local club hosted play days)
  • International Tournament Fees
  • International Membership Fees
  • Athlete’s Travel Expenses (hotel, ferry, flights)
  • Coach’s Travel Expenses (hotel, car rental, gas, flights, ferry)
  • Coaching and Training Supplies
  • Team Meals (snack and lunches during tournaments)
  • Additional costs for practices, extra tournaments, exhibition games and skill development.
  • Off Court Conditioning
  • Miscellaneous Team Expenses