14U and 15U Tryouts Now Closed. 16U Registration open until Friday, 11-29-2019

ISSUEs & Concerns


Phoenix Club provides a developmental and training program geared/aimed to compete at an elite level. The goal of every team is to develop throughout the season and ultimately play to win the Provincial Championship and National Championship, or to finish as high as possible within their respective tier. Playing time is earned through focus, hard work and dedication to practice, in weekly physical training, and demonstrated abilities on the court. Regardless of the roles that evolve over the season, all players and parents are expected to remain positive and committed to the individual goal of having each player develop to their maximum potential and the team goal of finishing their best throughout the season.



Parents/guardians are NOT ALLOWED to confront a coach, team or league official to discuss any volleyball-related issues in a game/tournament or practice situation with the coaching and management staff until at least 24 hours have passed from the completion of the game/tournament or practice. A speaking tone and demeanor to one which involves (but not limited to yelling, profanity or derogatory comments toward said coach, team or league official will NOT be tolerated. Violation of the 24 Hour Rule from a parent/guardian will lead to automatic dismissal of the athlete and is a violation of Phoenix Volleyball Club ZERO TOLERANCE policy


In 17U and 18U: 

  1. Players are expected to resolve concerns directly with the coaching staff. When a player is selected for a team their role on the team is communicated directly to them. If a player has an issue (e.g. playing time, role, etc.) they should talk to the coaching staff at an appropriate time. 
  2. Unless a player has been physically or morally harmed, the athlete is encouraged to make every effort to resolve issues with coaches before involving parents or guardians. Since this is the environment that athletes will experience at higher levels (university or college, provincial, national or international) it is in the best interest of each athlete to develop the ability to resolve issues on their own. 
  3. “What do I need to do to earn more playing time?” is an appropriate way to discuss playing time issues with coaching staff. 


In 12U-16U age groups: 

  1. Parents can assist players in communicating concerns to coaches, but it should always be done jointly and involve the player, whereby helping to develop communication and problem resolution in an effective manner for their future. 

Note: Should concerns arise resulting from a practice or competition, parents are expected to abide by the 24 Hour Rule and to wait for at least 24 hours before approaching the coaches with their concerns.


At all age groups: 

  1. Please keep in mind that common sense is the rule. All staff and coaches’ main concern is the well-being of the players and the success of the team. 
  2. Respect the coaches and the athletes time. Meeting with a coach during a practice, or interrupting a coach during a practice session, or immediately after a game is disrespectful to the entire team. Meetings with coaches must be scheduled so as not to impact other players. Coaches should refuse requests for meetings that are not requested at an appropriate time, outside team time. 
  3. Respect the 24 Hour Rule. Direct confrontation, especially when emotions are high, is counter-productive for everyone. The “24-hour rule” applies to all teams. Please do not talk to coaches about volleyball-related issues or team or player problems within 24 hours, before or 24 hours after a tournament. 
  4. Where possible, communicate issues through your Team Manager. 
  5. If concerns still remain unresolved, players and their parents can communicate their concerns to the Conflict Resolution Committee Chairperson, who will attempt to work to a resolution with the coaches, followed by a response they deem appropriate to the player and parent. This step should only be taken after a player has voiced their concerns to the coaches, without resolution. 
  6. On the rare occasion that a situation cannot be resolved, the issue will be escalated to the Club Director for resolution. 



  • Athletes are representatives of the Phoenix Volleyball Club and as such project our Club within the community. 
  • Our athletes who wear their Phoenix Volleyball Club clothing to school and in the community are acting as representatives of the Phoenix Volleyball Club. We expect our athletes to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times. 
  • When on the court, athletes are accountable to their coaches. When off the court, athletes are accountable to their coaches and to the Club. At all times athletes are required to uphold the high standards of the Club, both during the season and during summer months when participating in club-sanctioned activities of Phoenix Volleyball Club and Volleyball BC or Volleyball Canada.
  • Our athletes are required to sign our Athlete Code of Conduct, which covers behaviour both on and off the court. Inappropriate behavior on or off-court can be grounds for automatic removal of the player from the Club. 

Dealing with off court-issues is the responsibility of the Club Conflict Resolution Committee. 

  1. All concerns should be addressed to the Conflict Resolution Committee Chairperson. This is the starting point for all concerns. 
  2. Feel free to discuss issues with members of the Club Executive Directors.