Parents Code of Conduct


As a member of the Phoenix Volleyball Club, your son/daughter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship and a respect for others, as well as themselves, at all times. 

Similarly, it is essential that you, as their parents/legal guardian, also display and model behavior that is consistent with the highest ideals of good sportsmanship.

As a parent, you will be expected to adhere to the following standards of behavior before, during and after any practice or competition:

  • Good sportsmanship is always the first priority.
  • Respect all officials, coaches, athletes and spectators.
  • Abide by, and accept gracefully, the decisions of officials, no matter which team those decisions may favour.
  • Respect and care for the facilities in which practices and competitions are being held and listen to those in authority.
  • Respond politely to the requests of event organizers.
  • Be polite and courteous as a spectator and only use appropriate language.
  • Refrain from any behavior, which might distract the players or interfere with the progress of a match.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for and applaud good play and never make derogatory remarks about officials, coaches or other athletes on any team.
  • Be aware of and abide by the contents of Phoenix Volleyball Club Code of Conduct, Ethics Policy and Handbook and information about club philosophy, playing time philosophy, and fees.
  • Volunteer to be a linesman and scorekeeper at tournaments when needed.
  • Understand that coaches can request a doctors or physiotherapists note after an injury. If not provided, coaches can sit your athlete during practices or games.
  • Should concerns arise resulting from a practice or competition, parents are expected to abide by the 24 Hour Rule and to wait for at least 24 hours before approaching the coaches with their concerns.

Expectations & Responsibilities


Duties & Responsibilities

Parental involvement in the development of our athletes is important and it shows support and encouragement for the athlete’s efforts. 

Athletes need parental support throughout the season with:

  • Rides to and from practices;
  • Accompaniment to tournaments and support at tournaments or other arrangements are required.
  • Assist with score keeping and/or lines (Parents MUST take turns)
  • Note: There is $75.00 allowance for the team’s lunch/snack per tournament. Parents will need to assist in buying/ordering the food for the team (Parents MUST take turns)
  • An understanding of the challenges of playing a sport at a competitive level; and
  • Enthusiasm and support.

Score Keeping & Line Judging

Parents will be asked to assist in score keeping and line judging during competition. Failure for our team to provide a score keeper and/or line judge constitutes to a fine and disqualification from the game/competition. 

It is advised that parents take turn in performing these tasks. Parents should review and get familiarized with the following guidelines:

Abuse, Bullying & Harassment


The Phoenix Volleyball Club WILL NOT tolerate behaviour that constitutes harassment, abuse or bullying.  Anyone found to be in violation of anti - abuse/bullying/harassment rules will be disciplined up to and including removal from the Club.

Bullying and Harassment is a specific form of violation of Club policies. It is the policy of the Club that there be no harassment, abuse or bullying of any member athlete, official, coach or executive involved in any of our programs. The Club expects all members to take reasonable steps to safeguard all members against harassment, abuse and bullying. All members shall conduct themselves, at all times, in a fair and responsible manner and refrain from comments or behaviour that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist.

Abuse” - Child abuse is any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual mistreatment or lack of care which causes physical injury or emotional damage to a child. A common characteristic of all forms of abuse against children or youth is an abuse of power or authority and/or breach of trust.

Harassment” - Harassment is offensive behavior – emotional, physical and/or sexual – that involves discrimination against a person because of their race, national or ethnic origin, age, colour, religion, family status, sexual orientation, sex or gender, disability, marital status, or pardoned conviction.

Bullying” - Bullying is intentionally hurting someone in order to insult, humiliate, degrade or exclude him or her. Bullying can be broken down into four categories: physical, verbal, relational (for example, trying to cut off victims from social connection by convincing peers to exclude or reject a certain person), and reactive (for example, engaging in bullying as well as provoking bullies to attack by taunting them).



After an athlete has signed the Phoenix Volleyball Club – Club Offer Form, a mandatory and non-refundable $250.00 deposit must be paid by December 15th. Athletes will not participate in practices and tournaments until this fee is paid.

Club membership fees are set at the start of the year and must be paid as per the requested date. Athletes/Parents can choose a membership fee payment plan (A, B or C). All payments (post-dated cheques) MUST be issued/submitted by December 15th. 

Phoenix Volleyball Club understands that Volleyball Club fees are expensive and each family is different in terms of their family budget. The majority of the club's expenses are paid upfront (such as gym rental, tournament fees and uniforms). Phoenix Volleyball Club can be flexible in payment terms and does require a fee for spreading out the payments overtime (see FAQs section for payment option plan).