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Parents Code of Conduct Form

This form MUST be carefully read/understood and fully signed by the Athlete's Parent/Guardian.

Parents Code of Conduct


As a member of the Phoenix Volleyball Club, your son/daughter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship and a respect for others, as well as themselves, at all times. Similarly, it is essential that you, as their parents/legal guardian, also display and model behavior that is consistent with the highest ideals of good sportsmanship.

As a parent, you will be expected to adhere to the following standards of behavior before, during and after any practice or competition. Failure to adhere to the Phoenix Volleyball Club’s Code of Conduct can be grounds for automatic dismissal from the Club.

  1. All parents/guardians are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the Phoenix Volleyball Club, Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct can be grounds for an athlete’s dismissal from the Club.
  2. All parents/guardians are expected to support the director and coaching staff 100% and respect the decisions made by these individuals. The parent of the player who does not adhere to the Phoenix Volleyball Club code of conduct and rules may cause the player to be removed from the club.
  3. All parents/guardians must understand the difficult decisions the coach must make for the team. These decisions involve individual players and the entire team. The coach must make decisions for the good of the team. The team is the most important aspect of Phoenix Volleyball Club. Parents/Guardians must support coach’s decisions to have a successful club program.
  4. All parents/guardians must support the athletes by modeling good sportsmanship and showing respect for all officials, coaches, athletes and spectators
  5. When parents/guardians sit in the stands, they should support the team in a positive manner. Parents are not allowed on the bench with the team or allowed near the team while play is commencing.
  6. All parents/guardians must keep off of the competition area and not interfere with events or calls.
  7. All parents/guardians must encourage athletes to play by the rules and resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence. Abide and respect the 24 Hour rule.
  8. Note: Any communication with a coach regarding grievances or playing time should not be made at a tournament. Phoenix Volleyball Club requires 24 hour waiting period following a tournament. Grievances shall be handled following Phoenix Volleyball Club’s Issues and Concerns policy. Should concerns arise resulting from a practice or competition, parents are expected to abide by the 24 Hour Rule and to wait for at least 24 hours before approaching the coaches with their concerns.
  9. All parents/guardians must never ridicule a participant for a poor performance during practice(s) or games/tournaments. Never ridicule teams or officials outside of Phoenix Volleyball Club. Respect the volleyball community as a whole. 
  10. All parents/guardians must respect the decisions and judgments of officials and encourage athletes to do the same. Abide by, and accept gracefully, the decisions of officials, no matter which team those decisions may favour.
  11. Be aware of and abide by the regulations of the Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada.
  12. Respect and care for the facilities in which practices and competitions are being held and listen to those in authority.
  13. Respond politely to the requests of event organizers.
  14. Be polite and courteous as a spectator and only use appropriate language.
  15. Refrain from any behavior, which might distract the players or interfere with the progress of a match.
  16. Demonstrate appreciation for and applaud good play and never make derogatory remarks about officials, coaches or other athletes on any team.
  17. Volunteer to be a linesman and scorekeeper at tournaments when needed. Understand the fees associated to when/if you are not able to put in the hours to be a linesman and scorekeeper.
  18. Understand that coaches can request a doctors or physiotherapists note after an injury. If not provided, coaches can sit your athlete during practices or games.
  19. To understand the philosophy of Phoenix Volleyball Club when it comes to playing time as provided in the handbook.
  20. Nonpayment of membership dues - Phoenix Volleyball Club enforces a “no pay, no play” policy and may result in removal of an athlete from the Phoenix Volleyball Club.
  21. There will be NO refunds for any athlete(s) who have been removed from the Phoenix Volleyball Club.