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Refund Policy


Phoenix Volleyball Club is a not-for-profit society. Due to our non-profit status and budget requirements, Phoenix Volleyball Club DOES NOT offer refunds. 

1. When an athlete accepts the Phoenix Volleyball Club Offer form, the athlete accepts the offer to participate and the financial obligations for the entire club fee for the season. All costs such as gym rentals, tournament fees, uniform, equipment, coach fees are paid up front. 

2. The budget set out by the Board of Directors is tight with little to no flexibility to allow for refunds. All costs are divided by the number of players that join the team. It puts a huge financial burden on the remaining team members when an athlete withdraws from the club. Majority of the costs to run a volleyball club program are non-recoverable/non-refundable, as well, penalties are applied to the Phoenix Volleyball Club when an athlete is removed from the club/roster. 

3. A partial reimbursement can ONLY be given under EXTENUATING circumstances and MUST be reviewed approved by the Board of Directors. Refunds are subject to:

a. Injury occurring inside Phoenix Volleyball Club activities (with Doctor’s Note)

b. Moving out of province or country

c. $50.00 administrative fee

d. $55.00 roster change penalty charge

e. Prorated amount, based on the amount of sessions, training, tournaments, etc. elapsed

i. If <month completed, the athlete will be refunded 50% of the fees

ii. If 2 months completed, the athlete will be refunded 25% of the fees

iii. If >than 2 months completed, the athlete will be refunded 10% of the fees

f. Deduction of unrecoverable costs (Note: All costs such as gym rentals, tournament fees, uniform, equipment, coach fees are paid up front and are non-recoverable)

4. For athlete/parent who is dismissed due to misconduct or breaking Phoenix Volleyball Club rules, Phoenix Volleyball Club will NOT refund any payments. Any athletes and/or parents found disobeying or breaking and/or unable to follow and respect the rules and regulations set forth within the Phoenix Volleyball Club’s Code of Conduct will be dismissed from the Club immediately after an email notification from the Director and The Board. There is no room for any athlete/parent who cannot display respect to Phoenix Volleyball Club as a whole. The Phoenix Volleyball Club is an organization geared to promote healthy sportsmanship, integrity, respect and class at all times. 

5. Refunds will NOT be given to athletes who choose not to play because of conflicts, time commitment, team or coaching assignments or playing time. It is expected for all Phoenix Volleyball Club members to understand and accept the demands of being in a competitive volleyball club.