14U and 15U Tryouts Now Closed. 16U Registration open until Friday, 11-29-2019

Practice/Training Facilities Policy


  1. The choice of practice/training facilities depends on availability and cost.
  2. Community Centres, Schools and other gym facilities used as practice facilities. These gyms are rented to us at the discretion of the facilities, and it is important that they are treated with care and respect. This means:

  • Abiding by the permit as to use of areas of the facility, start and end time, etc.;
  • Taking care of equipment and storing it carefully;
  • Not wearing outdoor footwear in the gym during winter months. Water and snow must be kept outside the gym; and
  • Cleaning up garbage before leaving. 

Note: The consequence of not taking care of our practice/training facilities is loss of gym time, which may be impossible to replace.

Training Program Policy


Training Programs of the Phoenix Volleyball Club will:

  1. Deliver their services in compliance with the constitution, bylaws, policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the Phoenix Volleyball Club, and, where necessary, amend their own rules to comply with those of the Phoenix Volleyball Club
  2. Ensure that all athletes and coaches participating in sanctioned competitions are registered Members, in Good Standing, of their respective organizations
  3. Engage only authorized coaches and sanctioned athletes
  4. Parents/Guardians are NOT allowed to disrupt the Phoenix Volleyball Club practices/training. Only authorized personnel (coaches and staff) are allowed to provide training to the Phoenix Volleyball Club athletes. Parents/Guardians found breaking this rule may lead to automatic dismissal of the athlete from Phoenix Volleyball Club. 
  5. The Phoenix Volleyball Club may implement a closed door training to allow coaches and athletes to have a focused training and avoid any unnecessary disruptions.